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Kamini Perfume Oil - Musk

Kamini Perfume Oil - Musk

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Musk has traditionally been assigned as a masculine perfume. It has a warming effect that arouses the senses. Its deep and heavy smell is extremely distinctive and a favorite amongst men from across the globe. The perfume comes from the musk glands of a civet and a deer. Kamini Musk Roll On Perfume captures the fragrance of the natural musk faithfully to create a perfume that is a powerful aphrodisiac and known to enhance male libido. Roll it on to your body to set the senses ablaze and your desire soaring.

Kamini make a large range of products from incense, oils, resins, charcoals and much much more. They are a reputable brand so you can be confident that your Kamini Perfume Oil is an A-grade product. 

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