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Kamini Perfume Oil - Rose & Geranium

Kamini Perfume Oil - Rose & Geranium

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Though geranium is better known for its delicate and beautiful flowers, some varieties of this lovely plant are perfumed. The aromatic extract that is distilled from the perfumed geraniums is highly priced in the perfume industry. Kamini Rose Geranium contains Bourbon Oil which is a geranium extract with hints of mint, fruit and rose in it. The rose note of this green fragrance is enhanced with rose essential oil to create a perfume that was one of the favorite of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. This is a vibrant and delicate perfume that is best described as unisex and can be used by both men as well as women.

Kamini make a large range of products from incense, oils, resins, charcoals and much much more. They are a reputable brand so you can be confident that your Kamini Perfume Oil is an A-grade product. 

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