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Kamini Perfume Oil - White Musk

Kamini Perfume Oil - White Musk

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 White Musk roll on perfume, made by Kamini is a high quality aromatic perfume with a long lasting fragrance that will last all day long when worn. It’s made from pure oil and is a non-alcoholic, chemical-free perfume which therefore makes it usable on the body and on apparels of any colour without leaving stains or streaks. Due to it's chemical free formula this perfume is a safe alternative to mainstream deodorants and colognes. 

 It has a momentary coolness effect, which provides an amazing soothing sensation on the skin. It’s contained in an ideally shaped, strong cylindrical bottle with a tight covering which prevents the perfume from spilling, either due to an impact or bumps when in the handbag.

If you have not tried Kamini White Musk perfume before this is your chance to grab one for yourself - you will surely find it to be a brand you can vouch for anytime, anywhere.

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