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Kamini Perfume Oil - Ylang Ylang

Kamini Perfume Oil - Ylang Ylang

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Distilled from the flowers of the Cananga Odorata tree, the essential oil of this fragrant tree is a well loved ingredient in the perfume world. Ylang Ylang has a sweet and citrusy smell that is very pleasing to the nose. KAMINI ROLL ON PERFUME OIL YLANG YLANG contains the essential oil extracted from the flowers. The perfume is considered an aphrodisiac as it arouses the senses and promotes relaxation and harmony. When you wish to create an atmosphere that is charged with passion, just roll on the Ylang Ylang Perfume oil over your body to create a very romantic atmosphere.

Kamini make a large range of products from incense, oils, resins, charcoals and much much more. They are a reputable brand so you can be confident that your Kamini Perfume Oil is an A-grade product. 

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